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Image by Mark Tegethoff

Voluntary Activities

We wish, with this natural medicine “Organism Balance Therapy”,

we can contribute to the health promotions and the improvements of health disorders 

for even more people, for the human beings in all over the world. 


In this world, in our societies, as you know, there are people in different circumstances.

Some are rich, some are suffering from poverty, 

some live in peace without fear,

some live under the severe problems such as war or conflict. 

​In the medical sector also,

there are many gaps between the countries, districts and societies, 

and the quality and quantity of healthcare supplies are quite different.

Even in the same society, up to the health insurance, 

the medical services which are available for each person can be very different

and, a pity, but we have not succeeded to obtain the “medical equality ” yet.


In light of these realities, we try to realize the “medical equality ” as much as we can.

In the rich cities we hold our activities (treatments, lessons and herbal supplies) basically as normal economical activity, and we set the ordinary prices up to the average charge in the society for our services, to raise the funds for our activities.

There are also the people who need economical supports even in the rich cities, 

and we set for them less or no charge up to the necessity. 

In the world in each SBT clinics and also in other medical and welfare organizations, 

we have tried to hold such voluntary activities regularly. 


By expanding our activities in rich cities & countries, with the funds there collected,

we shall bring the SBT as soon as possible also to the cities and countries under poverty, so that the people who need it can use it.


This may sound like an exaggeration, but we believe,

making more human body & mind healthier,  just one by one and little by little, 

but it is connected with our better future, where we all humans, we all living things,

with all substances and environment with better balance & harmony,

we all can live together more peacefully, brightly and happily on the earth.

Towards such a future, we carry on with our activities of SBT.

Activities in each Country

Our voluntary activities can be categorised broadly into,

Discounted and free medical care at clinics and welfare facilities,

Trial treatments to introduce OBT at festivals and other events in wealthy districts, and

Donations and material assistance to other environmental and welfare volunteer organisations.

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